We love roasting vegetables, in fact, we'd argue it is the best way to prepare them... You can cook virtually any vegetable by roasting, it is easy to do, roasted vegetables look beautiful with charred, crispy edges, and they are delicious.

To prepare, cut your vegetable of choice into bite sized pieces, arrange on sheet pan with space in between each piece. Over-crowding will cause your vegetables to steam instead of roast. Toss liberally in oil (we use a mild tasting olive oil) and sprinkle with the seasoning of choice (see our favorites below) and salt to taste. You want enough oil that you can easily see it on each piece, but not so much that you have it pooling in the pan. Roast in the oven at 425 degrees until the vegetables are tender enough to pierce easily with a fork. 



5 flavors we love on roasted vegetables:

1) Sumac and Balsamic Vinegar - Citrusy sumac pairs beautifully with balsamic vinegar for a balanced Mediterranean bite. 

2) DukkahWhenever someone tries this nutty blend in our shop there is always an immediate "I need that!" afterwards. It's one of those blends you never knew you needed. Freshly ground and toasted hazelnuts, white sesame seeds, cumin seeds, and coriander seeds with premium sea salt. We love this on roasted tomatoes!

3) Garam Masala - We toast the seeds for this blend before hand-grinding. It adds a tremendous amount of warmth to fall root vegetables. 

4) Maple and Ginger - We like to use a dash of maple extract and ground ginger to make delicious roasted carrots. 

5) Aleppo Pepper - This is the most common ingredient chefs ask for, it's their secret weapon! Slightly less spicy than crushed red pepper, but so much more flavor. We love it on butternut squash.


September 25, 2017

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