SKORDO Turns Five!-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

SKORDO Turns Five!

That’s right. We’re celebrating our fifth anniversary this month and wanted to thank you, our customers, for all you’ve done in making our family business a reality.
November 01, 2021
The Lost Kitchen Experience-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

The Lost Kitchen Experience

"Erin French creates experiences"... That's what my friend Emily said the other day when we were discussing The Lost Kitchen and their ever-expanding presence in the national food scene. The Lost Kitchen dining room may be closed for the season but I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of all the current ways Erin and her team of super-women are consistently creating exquisite experiences for us Mainers and beyond. 
October 27, 2021
Passport Stamps-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

Passport Stamps

Over the last few years (pre pandemic) my husband and I have taken two trips to Africa. The first was our honeymoon in South Africa and the second was a family trip to Morocco with my dad and his wife. This morning we were dreaming of another trip to Kenya or Tanzania or Senegal. 

October 11, 2021
Healthy Home-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

Healthy Home

While "Spring Cleaning" may be a more popular term, "Starting fresh in September" is just as important! This is the perfect time to catchup on all the chores that got skipped over while we were basking in the sun, and set intentions for the new season. Something were focusing on in September at SKORDO is healthy body, healthy home. When thinking through this concept, I knew my first local stop would be GoGo Refill in South Portland
September 07, 2021
Mornings at the Farmers Market-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

Mornings at the Farmers Market

The farmers market is the epitome of a community collaboration. Each Wednesday + Sunday, 30+ farms are lined up throughout Deering Oaks park right here in Portland, Maine. On top of the insanely bountiful variety of produce this brings, its also gathering hundreds of families, a handful of musicians and artists with their own stands, local chefs, and so many dogs!
August 31, 2021
Let's hear it for the (Weck) Jar!-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

Let's hear it for the (Weck) Jar!

What are the hardest working tools in your kitchen? Peak beyond the obvious (knives and cutting boards) and consider the container. Food storage, dressing shaker, vase, carafe, gift wrapping, incense holder, wine glass, and marinade-r. In these days of celebrating ‘doing it all’ and multi-hyphenate hoopla, it’s time to honor the true gadget G.O.A.T., the Weck Jar.
August 25, 2021
Snacks Underway-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

Snacks Underway

Group text chains are low on my list of favorite things, but there is one on my phone that is a consistent 10/10. It’s home to twelve current and former professional sailors who happen to be some of the best ladies around. Late last week I asked them to share their favorite boat snacks. The text chain lit up with a mixed bag of yum. 
July 19, 2021
My Afternoon at The Lost Kitchen-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

My Afternoon at The Lost Kitchen

We received an e-mail a few months back from none other than Erin French. You probably already know this, but she’s the chef behind The Lost Kitchen. We’re huge fans of her cookbook, and we’re delighted SKORDO spices will be a part of The Lost Kitchen’s winter market.
January 29, 2021
Emily in Italy-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

Emily in Italy

Wine, gelato, café, and of course food.  These four things are what I often say living in Sicily “spoiled for me”.  From 2010-2012 I had the privilege to live on the Italian island for two years while serving as a U.S. Navy Nurse.  That time remains as some of the best years I’ve experienced, the vast majority of those memories surrounding wonderful company and of course, food. 
October 28, 2020
Visiting Sun Oriental and Haknuman Meanchey-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

Visiting Sun Oriental and Haknuman Meanchey

If you want to make authentic Asian food, chances are you’ll need to source some specialty ingredients. Lucky for us, there are just over a dozen international markets within the Portland peninsula. Portland Food Map does a great job highlighting the locations of the city's various markets, but specialty shops typically do the best business by word of mouth. I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally feel more confident trying somewhere new if I'm able to do some research to get a feel of what to expect. To help with this, I ventured out to two different Asian markets in Portland: Sun Oriental on Congress Street & Halmuman Meanchey on Forest Ave. These were the most accessible markets for me when considering location, hours, and variety. 
October 24, 2020
We're Big Fans of Mumbai to Maine

We're Big Fans of Mumbai to Maine

Cherie Scott is a bright spot in Maine’s food scene. Her love of food and passion for home cooking is inspired by her two homes: Mumbai, India and Boothbay, Maine. The result is a culinary blend that manages to be both deeply rooted and expansive. Her blog, Mumbai to Maine highlights family recipes and gives us a glimpse into her home kitchen where she cooks alongside her kids and husband. The blog also features her latest venture: Maine’s Bicentennial Food Podcast. Each podcast episode is an interview with a chef, entrepreneur or scientist telling their Maine food adventure.
October 14, 2020
10 Days in Morocco

10 Days in Morocco

This time last year I flipped on Netflix clicked on Ugly Delicious and watched Dave Chang and Chrissy Teigen meander through the markets of Marrakech. Within the month we’d booked flights and scheduled a meet for our own Moroccan adventure. Dad and Penny would fly down from London and we’d meet for four days in Marrakech then Eric and I would head to the coast for a few days of surfing and we’d round out the trip in the Sahara. Turns out the actual schedule was a bit modified due to head colds and belly aches, but we still managed to hit the city, the beach and the desert. Along the way we ate great food and I fell hard for the colors and flavors of Morocco.
October 04, 2020