Niyati + Abhi of Baking It dish on family cooking and Licious Lens

Niyati + Abhi of Baking It dish on family cooking and Licious Lens

We spent the holiday season of 2021 immersed in Baking It on Peacock. The humor of Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg mixed with sassy grandmothers and an excellent cast of home cooks created the perfect sweet escape. Niyati Nakra and Abhi Chhabra quickly stood out from the crowd thanks to their dedication to gluten free bakes, supportive and playful approach to cooking and fearless use of flavors. After the show aired, Niyati and Abhi reached out to SKORDO. We're thrilled to share a recipe from their home kitchen and an interview with these accomplished home cooks. Enjoy!

March 25, 2022
SKORDO on The Julia Child Challenge

SKORDO on The Julia Child Challenge

We're excited to announce SKORDO ingredients will be used on the Food Network's new series, The Julia Child Challenge! Eight home cooks will compete to win the ultimate Julia Child prize: an all-expense paid three-month cooking course at Le Cordon Bleu. 

March 14, 2022
Meet Amy Kayne of 2gether Private Chefs

Meet Amy Kayne of 2gether Private Chefs

From curious customer to close friend and collaborator, we are so pleased to be working alongside Private Chef Amy Kayne. Her energy is explosive and her ideas are constantly inspiring our creative side. These days you can find Amy hosting "Cooking Parties" at the Makers Galley right here in Portland. Throughout the remainder of the year, Amy is all over our state of Maine in various homes and venues with her team of chefs all working under her brand, 2gether Private Chefs. This March, Amy is kicking off a Kid's Cooking Program, 4 kids by kids, where she'll teach elementary and middle school kids how to cook, taste, chop, and eventually host an entire dinner service.
March 01, 2022
Vena's Fizz House x SKORDO

Vena's Fizz House x SKORDO

Team SKORDO first learned about Vena's Fizz House in 2016. We were busy opening our Old Port store and couldn't help but notice the vibrant cocktail and mocktail shop down the street. The combination of vintage glassware, impeccably built ingredients and delicious drinks had us making up any excuse to visit Vena's.

Today, the Vena's Fizz House team is focused on their line of sippers, bitters, infused sugar cubes, and a Maine inspired syrup. You can find their products in specialty food shops or purchase directly on their website. They are also preparing to open a new retail and bar location in Portland with enough space to host events and classes. 

Steve, one of Vena's founders, was kind enough to answer our questions and passed along a couple home bar tips and tricks. Enjoy!   

February 02, 2022
SKORDO on TV Series 'Baking It'-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

SKORDO on TV Series 'Baking It'

Well this is exciting! This holiday season, SKORDO ingredients will be used on Baking It, a baking competition show hosted by Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg on Peacock TV.

November 22, 2021
The Lost Kitchen Experience-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

The Lost Kitchen Experience

"Erin French creates experiences"... That's what my friend Emily said the other day when we were discussing The Lost Kitchen and their ever-expanding presence in the national food scene. The Lost Kitchen dining room may be closed for the season but I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of all the current ways Erin and her team of super-women are consistently creating exquisite experiences for us Mainers and beyond. 
October 27, 2021
SKORDO x Hedley&Bennett-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

SKORDO x Hedley&Bennett

SKORDO’s mission has always been to empower you, the home cook, whether novice or total foodie by: equipping you with the best ingredients, accessories, and cookbooks, educating you on how to use them, + exciting you to experiment and have fun in the kitchen. SKORDO Co-Founder Cari explained, “Once we decided to update our aprons there were three requirements. Hedley&Bennett was the only company to satisfy all three requirements.
August 18, 2021
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere with Josh Lemay-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere with Josh Lemay

Many people don’t realize how spices can elevate a cocktail, but we are here to fix that problem! Our It's Five O'Clock Somewhere set is filled with 9 ingredients that do just that. A great addition to any mixologist’s kitchen, this set contains ¼ cup jars of Chile Lime Sea Salt, Posy Sugar, Wild Blueberry Sugar, French Lavender, Hibiscus Petals, Rosebuds + Petals, Green Cardamom Pods, Makrut Lime Leaves, and Star Anise.. We’ve enlisted the assistance of local mixologist Josh Lemay, current bar manager of Baharat in East Bayside to provide inspiration on how to utilize this set.
July 28, 2021
A Conversation with S+P Plant Based Foods-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

A Conversation with S+P Plant Based Foods

Shelby is the friend who shows up to a dinner party and unloads a tote bag full of mysterious ball jars. A massive wooden cutting board appears from nowhere and the jars contents - creamy cheeses, blended veggies dips and a literal rainbow of snacks - are artfully placed on top. Turns out, the creamy 'cheese' is actually a cashew dip and suddenly you realize you've been conned into enjoying (and actually loving) a vegan 'charcuterie' board. 
March 07, 2021
Sugar Giant x SKORDO-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

Sugar Giant x SKORDO

With SKORDO I'm often creating dishes at home and sharing a recipe virtually. Sugar Giant allows me to share baked goods directly to the community. I really appreciate having SKORDO introduce me to blogging and providing me a space to gain my confidence in myself and the way I speak of my product, whether it be a blend or a pastry. I wholeheartedly believe in both businesses, the people behind them and feel so fortunate to be able to mesh the two. I love the way they naturally align together, both catering to the cravings of the community.
February 09, 2021
My Afternoon at The Lost Kitchen-SKORDO Kitchen Blog

My Afternoon at The Lost Kitchen

We received an e-mail a few months back from none other than Erin French. You probably already know this, but she’s the chef behind The Lost Kitchen. We’re huge fans of her cookbook, and we’re delighted SKORDO spices will be a part of The Lost Kitchen’s winter market.
January 29, 2021