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Online Purchases

How much is shipping?

We offer free shipping for all orders over $75 and $8 flat rate shipping for all orders below $75.

What shipping service do you use?

All of our packages are shipped either via USPS or UPS. If you are unable to use a certain shipping service, please let us know in the notes section with your order and we will be happy to accommodate!

When will my order arrive?

Orders are shipped within 2 business days of when they are placed. If the destination is in New England, most orders are delivered within 2 business days after shipping. All orders regardless of destination are typically received within one week.

Do you/will you ever ship Internationally?

We do not currently ship outside of the U.S.

Can I pick up an order instead of shipping it?

We offer pick up at three locations: Our warehouse in Brunswick and our two shops in Portland and South Portland, Maine. Simply select where you'd like to pick up the order during your online check out.

What is your return policy?

Please see our return policy here.

Dietary Needs + Preferences

Are your blends safe for people with nut allergies?

One of our blends, SKORDO Dukkah Spice Blend, contains nuts. Our warehouse thoroughly sanitizes all of the station/equipment before and after working with this blend to minimize cross contamination, though there is always some risk. If you have severe tree-nut allergies, we cannot guarantee safety.

Do you have any salt free products?

Absolutely! All of our whole or ground herbs and spices are naturally salt-free. The opposite goes for our salts, those all contain salt. As for our blends and rubs, you can find our top nine salt-free ingredients in our Around the (Salt-Free) World 9-Set.

Are your ingredients gluten free?

All SKORDO products are gluten-free. We do not guarantee any of the items in the shop to be celiac safe due to the nature of cross contamination between different facilities and purveyors.

What is the hottest spice/blend that you carry?

Piri Piri. The first ingredient is ground Thai Bird chiles. This blend is for real heat seekers!


Where is your store located and what are the hours?

Please see here for information about our shops and other places to buy SKORDO.

Ingredient Quality

Where do these ingredients come from?

Our ingredients come from all over the world and each origin is carefully selected for quality and authenticity. You can find the country of origin for each ingredient listed on each product page on our website, or a team member can look it up for you in one of our stores.

Do you make the spice blends yourselves?

Yes, every spice blend we offer is an original recipe and is handmade by our team in Brunswick, Maine.

Are your spices organic?

Since we source our ingredients from all over the world, and each counties organic guidelines vary, we cannot guarantee all of our ingredients are organic. However, we do ensure each of our purveyors practice stringent quality control while also align with our values and priorities. We will never add anticaking agents, preservatives, or other additives.

How long do your spices last?

Spices will not "go bad" as other foods do. They do, however, lose their potency over time. We guarantee maximum potency for about 1 year after opening the seal, so long as they are stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. After 1 year, they won't go rancid, you'll will simply need to use a bit more to get the flavor you're used to.

SKORDO Rewards

How do I access my points?

Already have an account? Login then tap MY REWARDS at the bottom right of the page.

Signed up in our shop but need to activate your online account? Create an Online Account with the same e-mail address you signed up with to access your points then tap MY REWARDS at the bottom right of the page.

How do I earn + redeem points?

Check out our SKORDO Rewards page for all the ways you can earn and redeem points in our shops and online.

What are the terms + conditions?

Check out our SKORDO Reward Terms + Conditions here.

What does the Private Expert Session include?

Book a 30 minute one-on-one expert session on the topic of your choosing.  Dive into spices and blends with our blend master and discover new favorites and how to use them.  Build a menu for an upcoming dinner or event with our chef.  Shop for your gift list with a private shopper session. Simply redeem the reward during a purchase or visit our shops and we'll reach out to schedule the session!


What does SKORDO mean?

SKORDO translates to garlic in Greek. Our founders are of Greek descent and made sure to focus on an ingredient that is inclusive and loved by people and cuisines all over the world. Garlic is one of those ingredients.

Is this a chain store or a franchise?

SKORDO is a Maine-based, family owned and operated business that was founded in 2016. We have an online shop for shipping orders across the U.S. and one physical shop in the heart of Portland, Maine.

Do you sell tea/ingredients to make tea?

We do not typically sell tea blends, though many of our herbs and spices are delicious when steeped into teas. We recommend you check out our Tea Party Blog in SKORDO Kitchen for some tips + tricks. Transform your go-to black tea with SKORDO Masala Chai Spice Blend.

What sets SKORDO apart from other spice shops or the local grocery store?

SKORDO is more than a spice shop. In terms of ingredients, every ingredient is free from preservatives + anti-caking agents. We produce all of our blends in small batches on an as-needed basis to ensure maximum freshness. Each of our blends and rubs are our own unique recipe. In addition, our vendors are diverse and world-wide, which ensures each ingredient stands out from the rest. Our curated assortment of cookbooks and kitchen accessories serve to inspire you to dive further into your home cooking journey. At SKORDO, you'll find a community of like-minded that will continue to inspire you (as they have us here on the SKORDO team).

Environmental + Community Values

Can I recycle my jars at SKORDO?

Unfortunately our current facility does not have the proper equipment to sanitize + reuse our ingredient jars. Take a peek through this blog to see how we like to up-cycle them locally!

What does SKORDO do to minimize environmental impact?

We use either recycled paper or compostable packing peanuts to safely package your order and we make every attempt to ship your order with minimal excess packaging. Our recipe kits contain compostable packets and all our gift sets are made using recyclable cardboard.

Wholesale + Corporate Gifts

Can I buy wholesale?

Please contact us for any wholesale inquiries.

Can I buy spices for corporate gifts or wedding favors?

Spices make wonderful gifts for corporate events, weddings, showers, and more. Please contact us for bulk orders or custom gift inquiries.

How to Choose

What’s your favorite ingredient?

We are proud of each ingredient in the shop, but depending what we're making things can change! Our INSIDER Favorites 9-Set covers the best sellers. To answer this question, we've gathered our current staff favorites. Shannon loves Korean Barbecue Rub used on ribs, wings, or short ribs. Nancy finishes almost any dish with Tuscan Oil Blend and sprinkles Togarashi Spice Blend anytime she makes eggs. Brad cooks his sweet potato fries with Mocha Steak Rub as one of his favorite snacks. Jessamyn's go-to is Advieh Spice Blend, our Persian blend for her soups + stews, and finds it to be a great addition to breakfast meats. Adrian developed a love for our Garlic Pepper the week it launched and has included it in all of his burgers and roasted vegetables since. All that being said, Syrian Za'atar and Maple Salmon Rub are crowd favorites across the board.

Which blends do you recommend for beef?

Korean Barbecue Rub, Garlic Pepper, Prime Rib Rub + Taco Seasoning. You also can't go wrong with our Great Steaks Set for everything beef.

What are your favorite fish seasonings?

Lemon Herb Fish Seasoning, Maple Salmon Rub, Green Thai Curry Powder, + Paella Seasoning. Our 'Seas The Day' Set is a collection of our nine most popular seafood seasonings.

Which blends would you use for vegetables?

Dukkah Spice Blend, Syrian Za'atar, Herbes de Provence Sea Salt, + Tzaztiki Spice Blend. Our 'How Does Your Garden Grow' Set was created for all things vegetarian -- ideal ingredients to pair with stir fries, salads, roasted vegetables, + more.

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