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Halibut Shakshuka Recipe Kit
Sandra Regios (Scarborough, ME)
Refreshing fish dish

This is one of my Favorite recipes
So delicious
Refreshing with herbs
And healthy
You can use any white fish for this recipe
I like to add some feta cheese to top it

Taste of Maine
Becky Roman (Portland, ME)
The best gifts!

I love gift shopping with Skordo! I go in for a quick gift, but find myself wandering around for MUCH longer than intended…there’s just so much to see! And I almost ALWAYS end up with a little something for myself. Perfect!! 💃🏻

SKORDO Poultry Brine
Steve Schirle (San Francisco, CA)
Fantastic brine!

Loved the Skordo Poultry Brine. Kept our Spatchcocked turkey in the brine for 24 hours before smoking. Received many complements from Thanksgiving guests on how moist and flavorful our turkey was. Will definitely use again next year.

Wine Pairing Sea Salt - Sauvignon Blanc
Lance Leach (Los Lunas, NM)

I've used this salt on chicken, fish and asparagus so far. This really adds to the dish. Looking forward to trying the Cabernet Sauvignon sea salt.

Maple Salmon Rub
Cami Nelson (Provo, UT)
Great spice blends

I love the spice blends and the quality of the spices! I will come her over and over again!

Maple Salmon Rub
Christine Geelhoed (Cambridge, MA)
Maple salmon rub

I buy it by the bags. Great on salmon of course but also roasted vegetables and sweet potatoes. I’m going to try it in butternut squash soup.

Asian Sesame Tuna Rub
Sue-Ellen McClain (Phippsburg, ME)
Great on shrimp and salmon

Love this rub!!

Cumin Seeds - Ground
Lisa Franklin (Bristol, CT)
Perfect spice!

Ground Cumin Seeds are the PERFECT SPICE for so many dishes….they had so much depth and flavor. Skordo has THE BEST ground cumin!

Ginger - Ground
Scott Kane (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
Ground Ginger

Tastes great! Love the packaging, can get just the amount I need and keep the spice fresh.

Sugar Hut Pepper
Customer (Cumberland Foreside, ME)

Makes the best bacon ever!

“Dreamy & Inspirational”

Such a delightful combination of storytelling & spice parings. I truly found myself lost within the pages of Erin French’s memoir & recipes. Page after glorious page each chapter brought me right to her table. As a chef, I greatly admire her ability to translate the tastes of the seasons to script and the spices from Skordo are such a pleasure to cook with (I absolutely adore your store).

I hope to one day end joy a meal at the “Lost Kitchen”…until then I’ll find myself living vicariously through her recipes and your spices one dish at a time.

-Chef Keshia

Delicious meatloaf

The spice mixture is perfectly measured and tested. Will buy it again

Ginger Sea Salt
Christine Geelhoed (Lovell, ME)
Ginger sea salt

I buy it by the bag!! It’s great on everything.

Italian Seasoning
Pauline Elliott (Richmond, VA)
Perfect blend and oh so versatile

I love this herb and spice blend! It perks up any veggies, white meat or seafood, and of course, it pairs perfectly with any tomatoey dish.

Add this one to the menu!

This recipe yielded delicious results! The entire family enjoyed this recipe and we'll be adding it to the regular rotation. Highly recommend!

Great Vegetable Seasoning

I used this salt blend with Brussel Sprouts. I threw it in reduced wine and butter to create a flavorful butter sauce. Then threw in steamed Brussel Sprouts and served as a side dish with Maple Salmon. I left a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc on the table for my guests to enhance their experience. Rave reviews!

Maple Salmon Rub
Jenna Albertine (Amsterdam, NY)

This is a fave out of all the Skordo products we’ve tried. It definitely works for more then fish. I like to add it to sweet potatoes personally. I just bought this to gift to a friend and fellow foodie for his birthday because I think he will enjoy it just as much as we do at my house!

Cumin Seeds - Ground
Jenny Fatta (Kennebunk, ME)
Couldn't be more fresh!

Fresh and full of flavor!!! the best

Maple Salmon Rub
Mary Jean Crouter (Portland, ME)

Maple Salmon Rub

Italian Seasoning
Nicole Shumway (Dallas, TX)

I love the Italian seasoning! Best flavor! Since finding Skordo a few years ago it’s the only brand I use.

Lemon Pepper
BlueRiff (Cushing, ME)
Very Handy Staple

We use this every day and liberally. It was the first SKORDO spice blend we tried
and has led us to try many more.

Taste of Maine
Anita Russell (Norway, ME)

It’s a gift. I haven’t given it yet
Sure it’s delicious. We don’t exchange gifts but I bought everyone a different set

Black Truffle Sea Salt
Krista Chase (Atlanta, GA)

The most flavorful black truffle salt I have ever had!

Spicy Thai Peanut Ramen Recipe Kit
Rebecca Enman (Orrington, ME)
Spicy Thai Ramen is my go to!!

This has become my go to when I want comfort food. I have even started switching up the veggies and I am never disappointed!

Maple Salmon Rub
Stephen Higgins (East Providence, RI)
So good!

Love it!