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Berbere Spice Blend
Jimmy Meredith (Portland, ME)
The best blend you haven't tried!

While I'm not sure exactly how it's pronounced, my new favorite blend is the Berbere blend. It's flavorful and complex with a lot going on. I use it to marinate chicken. I put it on potatoes. I even make an awesome aioli with it. Best part for me is that even though it's a chili powder base, there's very little heat which is great as my wife doesn't like spicy food. Give Berbere a try! you won't be sorry.

Lemon Pepper
Kayla Goulden (Portland, ME)
The ultimate pepper!

The lemon pepper is always present on my kitchen counter! Whenever a recipe calls for pepper, you’ll likely always find me reaching for this. I love that it’s course and includes other ingredients like thyme, onion and coriander - sometimes I use this to flavor eggs, vegetables, or a protein all on its own (and often pair with SKORDO’s Lemon Rosemary Sea Salt.)

Umai Ocean Blend
Jeff Tague (Holden, ME)
Versatile and delicious

This is our new favorite spice blend. Skordo never disappoints. The depth of flavor is incredible. So far we have used this in vegetable sushi, on roasted veggies, and in a ramen bowl- all vegan. I bought the jar to try it and my wife has already decided we need a big bag of it. Thanks for making delicious a little easier!

Halibut Shakshuka Recipe Kit
Andrea Holbrook (Quakertown, PA)

Used fresh diced tomato and MahiMahi. Amazing dinner in about 45 minutes!
Will make again and try different proteins!
The staff in Portland were great about helping us decide.

Taco Seasoning
Nicole (Sherwood, OR)
Better than anything else on the market ...

Taco Seasoning. What can I say? It's usually too bitter + too overpowering + too weak = never buying again. Until now that is. I swear, just one bite of my taco the other night left me barely able to speak because I was too busy moaning at how good this stuff was. It has this depth of flavor that somehow manages to stand on it's own, while at the same time allowing the beef to shine through. Does that make sense? And yes, it's hot, but not the kind that makes you scream. Instead, it's got this all-encompassing warmth that wraps itself around your taste-buds so perfectly that, bite after bite, you can't get enough. All in all? Just. Wow. I'll definitely be buying more!

Garlic Pepper
Claire Roberts (Farmington, ME)
Jump on this!

I got the garlic pepper as a free sample and once I tried it, I was hooked. It smells amazing, adds a lot of depth of flavor to just about any and every dish. It elevates the pepper taste and would be an awesome addition to your spice cupboard!

e-Gift Card
Nina D. (Norway, ME)
Give a Gift Card!

I sent my sister an e-Gift Card for SKORDO for her birthday. The gift card came to me for forwarding when I needed and was sent quickly! Upon opening my e mail there were no busy instructions to read and no question it was a SKORDO gift card! My sister is a true foodie and was so excited to shop! She sent me a picture as soon as her items arrived with a "My SKORDO came!" text. She received her items quickly and truly loves what she's used so far! I recommend a gift card because you just can't go wrong with it!

Maine Paella Recipe Kit
Nicole Mac Intosh (Oakland, CA)
Great Gift Idea

We do corporate gift baskets every Christmas. My theme this year is "Maine". I purchased these cute little recipe kits and tied them to the handle of a Paella pan as one of the gifts in our basket. The spices smell amazing and the recipe card is perfect! Great idea.

Espresso Sugar
Carol Molesworth (Queens, NY)
Holiday treat

The taste of the espresso sugar is fantastic. I plan to use it as a dusting sugar on chocolate cookies for the holiday season. It would also be a nice sprinkle on an affogato.

Shawarma Spice Blend
Greek Spice

The best ever and I've tried dozens. Great esp. on lamb, steak and greek potatoes.

Black Dutch Cocoa Powder
Doreen Shameklis (Holliston, MA)
Best Zucchini Bread Evah!

I added some of the Dark Dutch Cocoa Powder to my chocolate zucchini bread and it totally elevated the flavor! Will plan to add it to my next batch of brownies.

SKORDO Steak Seasoning
susan hodges (Palos Park, IL)
Steak seasoning

Steak seasoning is now a staple in my kitchen. Just tasty!!!!!!

Black Peppercorns - Ground
Marcia Weston (Portland, ME)
Perfect pepper

I love the Skordo ground black pepper. It's the only one I use now as it adds such incredible flavoring (not too hot, yet adds spice) in all my dishes.

Maple Salmon Rub
Jennifer King
Salt, pepper, and maple salmon!

This combination elevates fish, chicken, and most egg dishes. I must make sure I never run out.

Greek Seasoning
Lisa Denningham (Concord, NH)
I use it nearly everyday.

From lamb burgers to a marinade for grilled turkey breast, it's the best all round spice combo that I have ever found. Just the best!!!

Graza "Drizzle" Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sandra (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
Drizzle vs Drink

This oil is so tasty I have to stop myself from drizzling in excess. Really enhances a dish whether your prefer a little or a lot. I topped off a scoop of curry chicken salad and it added a creamy richer taste. The squeeze bottle allows for total control that you don't find with a pour bottle. Makes me want to switch all my other oils to squeeze bottles. Overall it is an excellent quality product both food and container wise. It was worth the purchase.

Tuscan Oil Blend
George E. (Cincinnati, OH)
Great stuff!

Excellent on tomatoes with EVOO and balsamic glaze. Looking forward to using it on my pizzas.

Chesapeake Bay Seasoning
Susan Kearing (Essex, NY)
Skordo Chesapeake Bay seasoning

A favorite! Had to purchase the large size as it adds such flavor with its variety of unusual spice combinations. Never would have combined these spices together, but love the overall taste, picking up different flavors with every bite.

Fore Street Shallot Blend
Susan Kearing (Essex, NY)
Skordo Fore Street Shallot Blend

First time trying this blend--delicious on nearly all dinner foods from fish and chicken to all forms of potatoes as well as vegetables. Added it to chili in lieu of excess chili powder for flavor without heat. Excited to add it every time I grill shrimp.

Dukkah Spice Blend
Susan Kearing (Essex, NY)
Skordo Dukkah

Love it! Look forward to tasting it on many different dishes benefitting from it's very light nutty flavor. Thinking of trying it on sweet dishes that could benefit from a lightly salty touch.

Fajita Rub
Dale M. (New York, NY)
Fabulous Fajita Rub

Have purchased this perfect blend of spices before , it is frequently used in my household. Lends just the right amount of flavor when I’ve made chicken fajitas and I’ve also used it on roasted vegetables and a vegetarian dish with chick peas. Everyone enjoys everything made with it.

Not bad. Still deciding…

Have only tried it once. Smelled & tasted fabulous right out of the jar — but when I added it to goat cheese, I ate it with overly salty crackers. My error but it detracted from the whole experience. Have to try again, with better crackers next time. Again, I liked the smell and taste (just a pinch on the tongue) from the start so I’m hopeful.

Maple - Granulated
DN (Brooklyn, NY)
Simple, just what you’d imagine

Perfect for when you want to add a pinch of natural sweetness without adding any liquid. I’ll take maple over refined sugar cane any day.

Dukkah Spice Blend
DN (Brooklyn, NY)
If you like cumin, you’ll love this.

I’ve bought this more than once. Have added to all sorts: scrambled eggs, roasted veg, hot buttered toast. Love the flavor combo. It’s earthy with a bit of brightness.

Greek Seasoning
Stephen Tuttle (Freeport, ME)
All good!

I've been a customer and fan of SKORDO since it's inception and there's no better place to find fresh, quality herbs, spices and blends that I have found.
Keep up the good work, and I'll keep spreading the word!