You asked for it and it's here! A long-time question in our shops and in our inbox has been "do you offer Vanilla Bean Paste?"... We're thrilled to have found a supplier with not only an impeccable product, but an important mission. Read more about this powerful ingredient, why we suggest all bakers have it in their cupboards, and Sava's mission.

What is Vanilla Paste?

Vanilla paste is made from Madagascar vanilla extract, vanilla powder and ground vanilla bean seeds that add color and texture. The consistency is reminiscent of a thick Maple Syrup with suspended flecks of vanilla bean. The paste is a great alternative for a recipe that calls for scraped vanilla beans or a rich vanilla extract.  


How to use Vanilla Paste

Vanilla paste shines in all vanilla focused recipes like ice cream, frosting or cakes. It's also great in smoothies and cookies. The possibilities are endless! The flavor in vanilla paste is more potent than that of vanilla extract, but can be used as a 1:1 substitution for extracts in recipes. The flavor will just be bold, but never overwhelming.


SAVA Trading  

SKORDO sources vanilla paste through SAVA Trading, who provide top quality vanilla products. They also are committed to working with and giving back to the people of Madagascar. You can read more about them and their mission here!

March 01, 2022

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