If you’re a health conscious cook who still wants to enjoy delightful meals packed with flavor, this is absolutely the book for you! Alex Snodgrass, the author of The Comfortable Kitchen, did an amazing job compiling recipes that taste just as good as they are healthy.  


From pasta to pizza, desserts and drinks, everyone will find something they love in this book. The best part? Each recipe has notes on how to make it vegan, dairy or gluten free, or paleo/keto, so no one will go hungry! In the pantry section, Alex Snodgrass covers everything you could need to avoid gluten, dairy, or other dietary needs. For example, using arrowroot powder to replace flour when making the base for sauces. Here’s a fun one: coconut aminos to replace soy sauce- I had never heard of coconut aminos before diving into The Comfortable Kitchen! 

Most of the recipes take less than an hour to make, so you’ll have delicious dishes without all the fuss! I made Mexican Pizza (p126) and it was so good! It only took 30 minutes to make- though it took me a little longer since I ran out of tortillas and the only solution was obviously to make them by hand. Regardless, it came out amazing, and everyone was excited to dig in!  


Visit our stores to grab this cookbook and try something new to get out of that same-meal rotation we all find ourselves in. We’ll be happy to help you pick out some spices to pair along with it, and soon enough you’ll have a new weekday go-to! 

March 01, 2022

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