My first memory of garlic is having to peel it. I loved the earthy, musty smell that would linger on my fingers and always enjoyed peeling back a large section and exposing the hearty clove inside. Now, I’m all about the smash and peel efficiency, but back in the day helping in the kitchen meant taking on the kid friendly knife-free tasks. To this day, I can’t think of a single homecooked savory dish that didn’t start with garlic. Its flavor was foundational to my family’s style of cooking and smelling sautéing garlic takes me right back to peeling and prepping at the butcher-block island.

Each Fall we plant cloves and anxiously await the first shoots in spring. Summer brings on the harvest, drying, storing and (reluctant) sharing. This year I’ve been inspired by a friend and am trying a new style of preserving: Fermented Garlic Honey. Calling it a recipe is a stretch – two ingredients and one prep step – but the magic is in the waiting. By slightly crushing the garlic cloves, enzymes are released that break down the honey and intermingle the flavors.




  1. Peel and slightly crush the garlic cloves. Mix them into the honey, being sure to fully coat and submerge each clove. Store in a cool dark space for three days. 
  2. This batch was started on Wednesday evening so my plan is to crack into it on Sunday morning. Folks claim the uses are endless and I’m dreaming of a garlic honey glazed slow roasted chicken with sea salt and cracked pepper. Will report back!


August 08, 2020

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