If you're a carnivorous enthusiast, chances are you've already experienced the incomparable delight that is beef brisket. Melt-in-your-mouth meat with rich flavors and irresistible juiciness. John, one of SKORDO's co-founders, gave us his go-to recipe for the best beef brisket in Maine!




1. Preheat your smoker to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.  
2. Remove all packaging from your brisket and position it so that the point end is underneath and the fat and silver skin are on top.  Trim or remove any excess fat or silver skin.
3. Evenly distribute the Barbecue Brisket Rub over all sides of the brisket, using your hands to ensure that meat is completely covered.
4. Add the wood chips of your choice to the smoker.  Position the brisket on the smoker with the point end closest to your primary heat source. Close the lid and smoke until and internal thermometer reads 165 degrees Fahrenheit.  This will usually take 4-5 hours.  
5. On a flat work surface, roll out a big piece of butcher paper or foil and center your brisket in the middle. Wrap the brisket on all sides, ensuring a leak proof seal. Return the wrapped brisket to the smoker, seam side down so that the meat remains sealed.
6. Close the lid and continue cooking at 225 degrees Fahrenheit until the internal temperature of the brisket reaches 203 degrees Fahrenheit.  This will take an additional 2-3 hours.
7. Remove the brisket from the smoker and place on a large cutting board.  Let the meat rest for 1 hour.  Slice the meat against the grain and serve immediately.
June 13, 2023

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