Chesapeake Bay Seasoning



Chesapeake Bay Seasoning has a tangy and spicy flavor that is synonymous with traditional East Coast seafood dishes. Sprinkle it over any type of whitefish, shellfish, or shrimp or use it to flavor seafood based chowders and soups. It also goes nicely with crab cakes, shrimp po-boys, and Maryland blue crabs. Not a fan of seafood? Sprinkle our seasoning over french fries, eggs, or popcorn, or use it to flavor the rim of your bloody Mary!

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Ingredients: Salt, Celery Seed, Allspice, Cloves, Mustard Powder, Red Pepper Flakes, Sweet Paprika, Black Pepper, Ginger , Cardamom, Cinnamon, Bay Leaves

Gluten-Free. Additive-Free. Vegan.

Country of Origin: USA

Net Wt.: 1.5 oz. (1/4 cup jar), 3.0 oz. (1/2 cup jar), 5.0 oz. (polybag), 10.0 oz. (large polybag)