"Erin French creates experiences"... That's what my friend Emily said the other day when we were discussing The Lost Kitchen and their ever-expanding presence in the national food scene. The Lost Kitchen dining room may be closed for the season but I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of all the current ways Erin and her team of super-women are consistently creating exquisite experiences for us Mainers and beyond. 

Friday, October 22nd, I took a drive up to Freedom to drop off our collaborative SKORDO Sets to The Lost Kitchen for their online shop and also to get cookbooks signed for our online and physical shops. It also happened to be the premiere date for The Lost Kitchen Season 2 on Discover+. Just from watching the trailer for the season you'll be transported to Maine's strawberry fields where Erin's picking fresh berries with her husband Michael... her show is a glimmer of the experience of Freedom, Maine, and Erin's coveted restaurant. A delightful must watch for feel-good, inspirational TV.

In coordinating and exchanging e-mails with Lauren, a leader on Erin's team, she mentioned "we usually wrap things up a little early on Fridays but maybe we can all have a glass of champagne and toast our season premiere while she signs!" This offer may sound surprising considering Erin was literally flying to cook with Ina Garten that Monday, but the humble grace and hospitality Erin and her team show has come to be the norm in our exchanges. They are the real deal.

As Erin signed the books, we all chatted about the summer, shipping woes, and, of course, Ina Garten (who doesn't LOVE the Barefoot Contessa?). As guests were arriving in the lobby for their evening in one of The Lost Kitchen's new overnight cabins, Erin excitedly asked me "Have you see the beds? Quick - run across the bridge and go peak inside! The last cabin on the left is still vacant". I took a walk to the cabins while reflecting on a rare 70 degree fall day in Maine. I've been here before but it was February. Seeing the blue sky and orange, green, and brown foliage reflect on the still water created a moment of gratitude I was lucky enough to stop and take in. 

Calling this camping or even glamping doesn't quite cover it. Romantic cabins with soft luxurious beds overlooking the seasonal landscape... A vintage cooler filled with botanical beverages waiting for you upon your arrival... I have to say, the restrooms were the star on the top. There is even music playing in the stall (in the woods!)



I hurried back so as not to run into the lucky guest to then be greeted by several other members of the team. A tray of champagne glasses was set out, Erin says "one of these is for you Anne!". We cheers'd to their Season 2 premiere, a humble celebration for such a big deal (for lack of better words). I snapped a photo of the beautiful champagne bottle and the last glass of champagne, waiting for a team member who left the room for a moment. 

Erin and Lauren help me carry the books out to my car and Erin suggested I roll the windows down and enjoy the breeze on my drive home. Another curated experience. I took her up on that one.

There are many ways to bring Maine home with you and making recipes from The Lost Kitchen is our current favorite. Be sure to grab your signed copy of the cookbook and our collaborative SKORDO Set on our website or on findthelostkitchen.com. We have a feeling these will be very popular!


October 27, 2021

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