What are the hardest working tools in your kitchen? Peak beyond the obvious (knives and cutting boards) and consider the container. Food storage, dressing shaker, vase, carafe, gift wrapping, incense holder, wine glass, and marinade-r. In these days of celebrating ‘doing it all’ and multi-hyphenate hoopla, it’s time to honor the true galley G.O.A.T.: The Weck Jar.

Why we love them:
  • Soft seals (ideal for pickling and fermenting)
  • Stackable shapes (perfect for storage)
  • Two standard opening sizes (no more searching for the matching lid) 

    We recently indulged in an afternoon of Weck jar fun packed with good eats. Follow along with our photo diary!


    Harvested treats from a friend’s garden during lunch break and went home to make quick pickles in the Large Quadro. Looking for a great pickle recipe? Check out one of these.



    We treated ourselves to a mid-day yogurt parfait for two in the Medium Quadro Jar. Work from home life deserves a 3pm snack break and this was the perfect pick me up on a warm summer day! Dress it up with Ceylon Cinnamon.



    Post team video call respite thanks to garden fresh marigolds and incense in the Mini Mold 4.73 oz.


    In the fridge: Hibiscus blossom and green tea. Tart and tasty, made in the sunshine featuring the small wooden lid.  



    Roomie dinner featuring our household favorite: Togarashi in the Mini Mold 5.4. The Jerk Seasoning encrusted Halibut, Adobo dressed Mexican street corn and home grown Shishito Peppers weren’t so bad either!



     Weck Jars featured in this story: 

  • Mini Mold 4.73 oz
  • Mini Mold 5.4 oz
  • Weck Large Quadro
  • Weck Medium Quadro
  • Large Wood Lid
  • Small Wood Lid

    Shop the complete Weck collection here



    August 25, 2021

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