Adriana Urbina is a three time Food Network: Chopped champion. We, at SKORDO, were honored to collaborate and learn so much from her this month. Keep reading to hear Adriana's story of learning about SKORDO and her thoughts about our brand!


A few months ago I had the big opportunity of shooting a digital series for foodnetwork in Portland, Maine. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Maine from family and friends that I was very excited to finally go there. I had only one day to explore the city, I was so looking forward to getting to know more of the food scene, so as soon as I landed I walk down the street I was staying in and I saw this beautiful store that caught my attention right away, it had all of my favorite cookbooks and an array of different spices and cooking utensils of my dreams. The store was closed so I came back an hour later because I really wanted to see everything that was inside. 

The store was SKORDO!! I spent around two hours exploring everything they had. From the spices to the cookbooks I really don't want to leave. It is such a special place, not only for the unique concept that they have but for the amazing vibe and attention they gave me. I felt so welcomed and they were able to explain every detail about the store and the story behind SKORDO. 

I really love that it is a family business and that everything they have in the store was carefully cured, as well the spices was my favorite part, all organic, hand made, and they have very unique spice blends that I have never seen before. Like the Maine Blueberry Pork Rub!! Wow I was really really in love with this place, I felt like everything in this store was speaking to me. I spent the other hour looking at the book and the unique culinary assortment they had. 

I felt like my time in SKORDO was short!! Really made an impression on me and I am beyond thrilled to be able to collaborate with such a special place. 


Create Adriana's Venezuela Inspired Slow Cooked Short- Ribs 


September 01, 2023

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