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Tuscan Oil Blend
Nela Ferrian (Richmond, VA)
The must have in our house

Perfect combination of italian herbs by far

Maple Salmon Rub
Carole Ludwig (New York, NY)

I use the maple salmon rub not only for salmon but chicken thighs as well. After trying out a jar, I now buy it by the large polybag, two at a time.

Cyprus Flaked Sea Salt
Carole Ludwig (New York, NY)

I use this salt for a crunch to many of my meals. It's a great topping for an avocado toast, egg salad, on steamed veggies.

Wine Pairing Sea Salts Set
Pamela (Mansfield, MA)
Wine Pairing Sea Salts

Purchased this as a Hostess Gift for my sister. We made the goat cheese covered with the Pinot Grigio salt and it was very good. She was excited to receive the gift and looking forward to using the other salts. I will purchase this for myself on the next visit to the store in Portland later this year.

Italian Seasoning
Roxanne Elwell (Southbury, CT)
My first purchase from SKORDO

I bought several spices, rubs and salts and have used several in recipes already and am in LOVE. The spices are fresh and fragrant and I LOVE the little jars they come in. I can just store them as is and they fit in my spice drawer. As time goes on and I get to use the rest of them I am sure I will be pleased. I am working my way through Erin French's Lost Kitchen Cookbook and using SKORDO's Juniper Berries in her chicken brine made the chicken taste a whole new way! I look forward to trying the rest of the SKORDO offerings!

Kouzini Royal Fig Balsamic Vinegar
Anonymous (Wautoma, WI)
Drops of Velvet Decadence

This is the yin to really good olive oil yang! Thick sweet richness of figs in a balsamic? Yes Please and Thank you! This will not disappoint any dish that you choose to embellish with its fineness. Lovely!

The Middle East
Linda Sillars (Saco, ME)

It was a present, but I heard he was happy about it

Memphis Barbecue Rub
Steve (Portland, ME)
Memphis BBQ rub

Lovely on ribs, steak, or my favorite, refried beans with veggies!!!

The Lost Kitchen
Carole Griffin (New York, NY)

Excellent, my girl friend loved your product.

Scraps Spicy Cilantro Zhoug
Liz Berks (Gorham, ME)
So much yum

The Chimchurri and Zoug Scraps are delicious. Very fresh tasting with plenty of punch. We have enjoyed it as a swirl atop butternut squash soup,rubbed on chicken thighs cooked on the grill, a little on top of sesame noodles. I appreciate the effort to reduce kitchen waste. It would make a great gift. Next up, bahn mi with a little zoug and chimchurri is going into Turkey meatballs that are going into a soup .

Maine Sea Salt
Lorraine Robertson (East Moriches, NY)
Wonderful company

I have recently purchased the Maine Sea Salt . Along with that I also ordered the Akasia Mill. This was my first time ordering from Skordo .The Maine Sea Salt is really great, and I Love the Mill , it’s beautiful and works really nicely, so smooth. Along with my order I also received such a nice handwritten Thank You from Anne.I look forward to many more orders with Skordo
Thank you, Lorraine Robertson

Herbes de Provence
Jennifer Dyer (Cedar Park, TX)

This is excellent with chicken or roasted potatoes. Such a versatile mix.

Memphis Barbecue Rub
Randy Smith (Memphis, TN)
Memphis BBQ Rub

Small amount for the price you pay for a large bag.

Rogan Josh Recipe Kit
Megan Strout (Hope, ME)

I have a new found love for Indain food and had never tried Rogan Josh. This was a fabulous way to try a new recipe and I love how they gave me the list and amount of the spice so I can make it again. Awesome spices and awesome store!

Togarashi Spice Blend
Megan Strout (Hope, ME)
Our #1!!

This has quickly become our number 1 go to to give anything a little bit of a pazazz! Highly recommend.

Asian Sesame Tuna Rub
Philip Weinstein (New York, NY)
Perfect for AHI tuna

While soy and roasted sesame oil are great for tuna , even without sauces this spice alone adds to a perfect taste

Chipotle Meco Chile Powder
Corey (Buxton, ME)
Rich Chipotle

Adds a nice smokey heat to a chili or taco sauce. A little goes a long way: I used a half teaspoon to spice up my 2 Alarm Chili recipe and it was perfect. My big gripe with my standard chili powder is its lack of panache! This is the best chipotle I have come across to date. It goes well on meats: but use sparingly until you develop a feel for this robust chipotle, it can easily overwhelm the dish. It also makes the dish if use properly. The large bag will last some time in my household. I'm a Skordo fan, as its hard to find quality spices in my area, very pleased.

Vietnamese Pork Rub
Nikki Thaw (Islip, NY)
Fragrant and tasty

Delicious dry rub for a pork loin.

Fantastic Kit!!

Absolutely loved using this kit and the cider it made was incredibly delicious. Just the thing you need to be extra cozy on a winter day!

Cardamom Seeds - Ground
Rachael McCord (New Milford, CT)

I’ll never buy grocery store cardamom again after buying this. I can’t believe the difference.

Garlic Pepper
Doreen Brynga
Garlic Pepper

Love this stuff, totally perks up any dish I am cooking

Lemon Rosemary Sea Salt
Heidi Deleo (Biddeford, ME)

Grilled Boneless chicken is delicious with Lemon Rosemary Sea salt.

Thai Seasoning
Rhonda (Pelham, NH)
Tha(i) thank you!

Great as a marinade with a little coconut milk & ginger for chicken skewers on a grill with homemade peanut!

Tuscan Oil Blend
Rhonda (Pelham, NH)
Love it!

Wow! A little spicy when warmed in oil, great in salad dressing, sprinkled on bruschetta, topped on focaccia, in chicken soup, baked on chicken & fantastic in frittatas! I haven't found a way that it's not good yet! Please send support I'm addicted!

Ceylon Cinnamon - Ground
Jenna (Portland, ME)
Perfect cinnamon

I was helped by a Skordo employee to narrow down what I was looking for in the cinnamon world and this one is great! Like the description says, it’s not the spiciest cinnamon but it’s perfect for baking, oats, and sometimes my coffee. I could never go back to cinnamon from a grocery store.