Floral Infused Vodka with Runamok Bitters

'Tis the season for colorful drinks! I'm a big fan of infused alcohol all year round, but in the winter I find myself reaching for cinnamon sticks, star anise and allspice over and over again. This drink features those plus another of my pantry staples: Hibiscus.

Sprinkle a few petals in for flavor and an unmatched hue that's sure to elevate the holiday cheer.  

Makes two drinks plus extra infused alcohol

Infused Vodka Ingredients:


Combine all ingredients and let rest for at least 24 hours. The infusion I used at home had been going for 4 days and the Star Anise flavor was fully developed. I loved the end result and my husband thought it was a touch medicinal. The trick with alcohol infusions is to test them as they go to make sure the result is to your liking. Labeling the container with a 'Started on' date can be helpful. 

Cocktail Ingredients: 


Combine vodka, simple syrup and fruit juice in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until well blended and pour evenly into two glasses. Finish with bitters and garnish with lime. I topped mine with soda water, but the drink is also great without. Cheers!

Evelyn Smith

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