White Peppercorns

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White peppercorns are from the same plant as green and black peppercorns, but the white peppercorns are vine-ripened longer and the black shell is stripped before drying. White pepper has a sharp, winey and biting taste that is more sublte than black pepper. Many prefer white pepper in pale sauces and cream soups to preserve the white appearance. Popular in Western countries, Southeast Asians use white pepper in many stir-fry dishes, grilled meats, stews, and curries.

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Gluten-Free. Additive-Free. Salt-Free. Vegan.

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Net Wt. 1.4 oz. (1/4 cup jar), 2.8 oz. (1/2 cup jar), 4.0 oz. (polybag), 8.0 oz. (large polybag)