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'Tis the season for gift giving! While it's joyous and generous and the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be stressful and expensive. Everything has a place, but in my eyes the best gifts are ones of love + appreciation, as opposed to sales + obligation. Plus, if you're anything like me-- once you catch the holiday spirit you want to spread it to everyone in your life, which can quickly get out of budget and out of hand. Keeping things ON hand for last minute gifts is a good prevention method. For these situations, I turn to edible or homemade items. BONUS- you are not only giving them something tasty, you could also be introducing them to new flavors which is the best gift you can give!

The following collection is organized by least effort to most effort, so there's certainly something for everyone. 

Maple Salmon Granola

Easily adaptable to any dried fruit or nuts, while also being gluten-free + vegetarian, this granola is a fun way to challenge the suggestions on the jars, and enjoy your favorite blends any time of day. Whether they are long time Maple Salmon Rub lovers or have yet to even hear of the SKORDO brand, they will love this crunchy topping.

I poured mine into Weck Jars, then used my favorite June + December linens to wrap, tied off with a shiny ribbon, and gifted alongside a small jar of the blend. By the time it's all together, you're no longer giving granola- you're gifting a new flavor experience, beautiful linens, a Weck jar that will last a lifetime, and a tasty snack!

Peppermint Mocha Syrup

This dark dreamy syrup will turn any regular coffee routine to a sweet surprise. Using Dark Dutch Cocoa Powder from our Live the Sweet Life 4-set + Peppermint Extract, I made this versatile syrup that's perfect for adding to your lattes, seasoning your frostings, or making your own holiday creamer. Using a small funnel, I transferred it into a beautiful glass bottle with convenient pourer. For the iced coffee drinker in my life, I paired a bottle of this syrup with a Life Is What You Bake Of It collection and a Portland Maine Pint Glass (now I can count on them thinking of me each morning!)

Smoked Bourbon Salted Caramels

Chewy, Salty, Sweet, Smoky...quite the upgrade from the ones aging in the bottom of your grandma's bag! These caramel candies are a perfect pick me up. SKORDO Smoked Bourbon Barrel Aged Sea Salt is a fan favorite, rightfully so. While these take a bit more effort than the others in the guide, they are soooo worth it. With the gorgeous flake on top, I didn't overcomplicate the packaging- a simple wrap in wax paper did the trick. If you were really spoiling someone, I'm sure an accompanying bottle of Bourbon would be appreciated!

At the end of the (holi)day, what really matters is who's around, not what's around. We hope you spend your time doing what you love with who you love this holiday season. We look forward to seeing your creations on SKORDO Cooks all winter long!

Thank you for being apart of the SKORDO Family, you are our greatest gift!

December 09, 2021 — Shannon Mahoney

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