Lamb isn't an every day protein in our house, but there's something about bolder meats when the temperature start to drop. I was going to make these with salt and pepper, but at the last minute decided to spice them up with SKORDO Masala Chai Spice Blend. My husband is an unabashed food critic and he gave this meal 10/10. 

Makes 4 lamb chops



  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
  2. Bring the lamb to room temperature. While your meat is resting, combine the seasonings in a medium bowl. Roll each chop in the spice blend being sure to fully coat the sides and edges of each chop. Finish with a pinch of Maine Sea Salt on both sides of the chops.  
  3. Melt the butter in a heavy oven safe skillet (I used a medium cast iron skillet) at high and add the spiced lamb chops just as the butter is starting to brown. Flip the chops after a minute of searing. Sear the edges and rest the chops on their un-seared sides. Put the skillet in the oven and reduce oven temperature to 415 degrees. Cook for 4 - 7 minutes depending on meat preference. 
  4. Remove chops from skillet and let rest on a warm plate, pouring some of the drippings onto the chops. If you're pairing the chops with roasted potatoes, toss the cooked potatoes in the skillet to coat with any remaining drippings. Serve and enjoy! 



September 18, 2020

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