Mother's Day Coffee (Two Ways)

My mom loves coffee. We call it her go go juice. Most morning's she's up around 5am, cup in hand planning her day. These recipes are inspired by her rugosa roses and garden fresh lavender. 

Florals in coffee may seem a little wild, but they provide beautiful complimentary aromatics and remind us that summer gardens are just around the corner! 

Dark Roast Coffee with Honey Whipped Cream topped with Rose and Cinnamon Sugar



  1. We keep whole coffee beans in the house and grind them as we need them for our stove top percolator. 1/3 cup of beans is enough for us, but feel free to make coffee your usual way. 
  2. While the coffees brewing, whip the cream, honey and vanilla extract. I used a stand up mixer because I was feeling lazy, but whipping by hand will really show mom how much you love her!
  3. Chop the rose petals until fine and mix with the sugar. 
  4. Pour coffee into mom's favorite mug, top with a generous plop of whipped cream and garnish with the rose + cinnamon sugar. Enjoy!




Iced Coffee with Shaken Whole Milk topped with Lavender, Himalayan Pink Salt and Cinnamon Sugar



  1. We brewed coffee and let it cool for this recipe, but cold brew would be great here. 
  2. Pour the milk into a cocktail shaker and shake it up! 30 seconds to a minute of shaking will result in a nice foam. Be sure to tap the bottom of the shaker on a table or countertop to establish the foam before pouring it into the coffee. 
  3. In a small bowl, mix the lavender, salt and sugar. I rubbed the lavender in my hands to open the aromatics and did two quick grinds from our salt grinder for the Himalayan Pink. 
  4. Place a few ice cubes in moms favorite glass, top with coffee leaving room for the milk. Pour the milk in and spoon the foam on, topping with the lavender, salt and sugar combo. Enjoy! 



May 06, 2020 — Evelyn Smith

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