Herbes de Provence



Herbes de Provence, a sweet and woody herb mixture, is integral to French cooking. Use it for braised meat and game dishes along with red wine. It also makes a nice rub or marinade for meats, fish, roasted vegetables, and oven roasted chicken. Add to a salad vinagerette, or mix with olive oil to make a dipping sauce for bread. Ever versatile, Herbes de Provence is also a great addition to a goat cheese omelette!

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Ingredients: Thyme, Savory, Rosemary, Greek Oregano, Marjoram, Lavender

Gluten-Free. Additive-Free. Salt-Free. Vegan.

Country of Origin: USA

Net Wt.: 0.4 oz. (1/4 cup jar), 0.8 oz. (1/2 cup jar), 3.0 oz. (polybag), 6.0 oz. (large polybag)