Desserts have always been the perfect way to end a meal or indulge in a sweet treat. For those who prefer a more balanced approach to dessert, Alison Roman's cookbook, Sweet Enough: Desserts for People Who Don’t Do Dessert. 

Alison is a renowned food writer and recipe developer, gained widespread recognition for her first cookbook, Dining In. With Sweet Enough, Roman takes her culinary expertise to the realm of desserts, introducing a fresh perspective on how we approach and enjoy these treats. Her goal is clear when reading through the recipes; to provide an alternative to overly sugary desserts that still satisfy the craving for something indulgent but in a more balanced and mindful way.

Needless to say, Alison Roman's cookbook is a treasure trove of delicious recipes that showcase her talent for transforming ordinary ingredients into extraordinary desserts. Here are a few standout recipes that exemplify her philosophy:

  1. A Bowl of Salted Chocolate Pudding: As simple as it sounds, give me salt and chocolate and I'll be your best friend! I wanted to start testing out her book and recipes with a simple one - this wasn't as simple as I had initially thought but it did deliver in texture and taste.

  2. A Very Tall Quiche With Zucchini and Greens: If you need something to eat that can be put on the table for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner - I always turn to quiche. Versatile in nature you can add pretty much any veggie, meat, and/or cheese combination you want into your egg and crust. I will also note that I love food that is rich and vibrant in color - who doesn't!? So when I read that it had zucchini and greens I wanted to see and taste the green garden goodies. Man oh man, make this one at your next garden party or patio gathering!

  3. Sugar Plum Galette with Halva: If you've never had (or heard of) halva - allow me to try to describe it to you...a deliciously satisfying crumbly treat! It is a traditional Greek dessert/snack made from sesame seeds and some times is marbled with a deep cocoa version of itself. Pairing this crumbly treat with plumbs alludes to a PB & J like flavor profile. Alison adds a bit more sugar that I would have liked (I tend to be in favor of letting fruits speak for themselves) but I definitely understand it went along with the title of the dish!

  4. Caramelized Maple Tart: It still might be summer but fall flavors are always a win in my book. With a very healthy amount of cinnamon and rich, auburn maple syrup this tart knocked it out of the park and had me looking the leaves to change color.

Sweet Enough is a must-have addition to your cookbook collection. It encourages a new perspective on dessert, inviting you to indulge without compromising on flavor or quality ingredients. Plus everything is right balance of salty-sweet deliciousness.

July 26, 2023

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