With our 60+ custom blends & rubs, it can be overwhelming to decide which sounds best to you! On each of SKORDO’s jars you’ll find the ingredients listed from what you’ll taste first to what you’ll taste last. This helps gauge how spicy or salty or sweet a blend may be. The world of barbecue is vast and delicious, but the expectations vary from region to region. In our “Grillin” kit, you’ll find North Carolina Barbecue Rub, Memphis Barbecue Rub, Barbecue Brisket Rub, and Kansas City Barbecue Rub. While these are all very similar looking blends, they each bring something unique to the table,quite literally!

Our North Carolina barbecue rub is the spiciest of our barbecue rubs, containing both chile powder & cayenne pepper. Carolina barbecue is considered to be the oldest form of barbecue in America, and even within North Carolina itself, there are two styles: Eastern and Lexington. Our blend leans more towards the Lexington side with ketchup and vinegar based flavors. The hint of cumin on the end really rounds out the heat nicely. This blend is the focus of our Pulled Pork Recipe Kit, which offers both a smoker and an oven method for cooking some juicy pulled pork sandwiches with a tangy coleslaw!


Memphis Barbecue is all about dry rubbed ribs with all of the tenderness and none of the stickiness. Every pitmaster has their own combination of spices, some utilizing up to sixty herbs & spices, traditionally creating a slightly sweet and savory/earthy profile. SKORDO Memphis Barbecue Rub is made up of ten ingredients, including celery ceed and Greek oregano which standout compared to our other barbecue blends. Layer this rub on, let it set in overnight, and sprinkle a touch more on after a few hours in the smoker for maximum flavor. Try some classic Memphis Ribs.

SKORDO Barbecue Brisket Rub is the perfect go-to seasoning to “set it and forget it” and can be used as both a dry rub or a marinade. Smoked brisket was originally made widely popular by the Jewish community in the early 1900’s, and it wasn’t until 50 years later that it became popular in the Texas barbecue scene and is now a staple menu item. With a lot of the flavor being imparted by the choice of wood or charcoal, this blend is simple, but tangy and effective! Try something different by creating a barbecue brisket burger - here's the recipe.


And lastly, but certainly not the least (actually my favorite!) is SKORDO Kansas City Barbecue Rub. Kansas City BBQ tends to be sticky and sweet, thanks to the use of rich ingredients like soy sauce, ketchup and molasses within their sauces. Our combination of brown sugar, mustard powder, cayenne, paprika, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, and chile powder creates a versatile blend that can be used on any proteins or sides and is certain to hit the spot! Be sure to check out our Kansas City Barbecue Summer Salad recipe for the perfect beach day lunch!


I’m proud to say you can’t go wrong with any of our blends, but our Grillin’ and Get Your Grill On sets are my two favorites for gifting, especially around these warmer months! Planning a cookout? Pair some of these sticky, tender proteins with refreshing salads and sides from Eat Cool by Vanessa Seder or Cook this Book by Molly Baz; these ladies are pros at bringing flavor balance and texture to the table. 

June 09, 2021

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