We've been cooking something up and we're thrilled to finally share our newest recipe kit - Maine Paella! Our goal with this kit was to truly empower you to create this showstopper at home and for it to be out-of-this-world delicious. Let's dig in.

So, what is Paella? Many things. The original one-pot-meal, the national dish of Spain, the community dish that combines exotic spices and herbs, seafood, poultry, chorizo sausage, and vegetables to create rich, deep flavors and textures. One of our favorite things about this dish is you can easily swap the proteins to suit your preferences. Pick your favorite sausage, seafood, etc. and layer it in. Being in Maine, we used clams, mussels, and lobster along with shrimp, chorizo and chicken thighs.

The recipe kit comes with our family Paella recipe (stove and grill instructions included), along with our authentic paella spice blend. A blend of saffron, lemon zest, two Spanish paprika varieties, garlic, cayenne, and more is the core flavor base. 

Tested dozens of times to make sure it's perfect, this recipe is one we're very proud to share with you. Get the recipe kit for the full recipe and refer to the photos and videos below to guide you along the way.

We start by cooking the Paella seasoning, chorizo, chopped spanish onion, pearl onions, and garlic. Check out the deep crimson color from the saffron threads.

Then we add the artichoke hearts and piquillo peppers, followed by chicken thighs.


Next comes rice and tomato paste.

It's seafood time! Begin cooking the clams and mussels.


Followed by lobster and shrimp... We season along the way with freshly ground salt and pepper. 


Top with peas and green onion.

Serve with grilled salted bread. Drizzle everything with good olive oil and bring to the family table. Don't forget to look up and witness everyone's eyes widen at the sight. Roll up your sleeves and dig in.

Get your Maine Paella Kit here.

May 07, 2021

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