We were craving something light, fresh and different to make and ended up diving back into Ottolenghi Simple - It is all we have been cooking from for the past three weeks and is perfect for spring! 



The flavors from Ottolenghi Simple are bright and the use of a few key ingredients and fresh herbs adds a complexity of flavor that has been fun to cook with. Below are a few of the pantry staples that we find ourselves reaching for on a daily basis.

The best part... we ate mostly vegetables and hardly any of it was lettuce. Ottolenghi uses fresh herbs, interesting spices, nuts and seeds, grains, and interesting vegetables.

There are 3 recipes we return to again and again.

Roasted Eggplant with Curried Yogurt



Couscous, Cherry Tomato, and Herb Salad with Ras el Hanout



Chopped Salad with Tahini and Za'atar

(page 36 of Ottolenghi Flavor)

Here are some of the pantry favorites we reached for on a daily basis while cooking from this book:

Israeli Za'atar

Unlike Syrian Za'atar, this Israeli version contains toasted sesame seeds and therefore goes nicely on meatballs and kebabs. We especially love using Israeli Za'atar in salads and on veggies.


Whole Coriander Seeds

Coriander is the seed of the cilantro plant and has an earthy, lemony flavor. When used whole, the flavor is quite floral but when ground, the spice's roasted, nutty flavor takes the lead.


Urfa Biber Chile Flakes

Urfa Biber Chile Flakes have become a go-to for avocado, roasted tomatoes and anything that needs a little kick! Known as the secret ingredient by many professional chefs, it boasts a wonderfully well-rounded smoky and earthy flavor with hints of coffee, chocolate and raisins.


Ground Sumac

With its tangy, lemony flavor, ground sumac is the perfect complement to Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. Sumac is bright and citrusy and great on eggs, roasted veggies, and scallops.


Dive in! We highly recommend this book if you're looking for truly simple but delicious dishes to cook from right now.

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April 20, 2021

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