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India... Can you smell the spices? When we imagine India we experience endless colors, textures, and flavors blending together in a magical, balanced symphony.

Because of the broad range of cultures, soil types, and climates across the nation, Indian cuisine varies greatly from region to region... One thing is consistent among all Indian cuisines however: their love of spices. You will know this if you’ve ever tried cooking Indian food at home and looked at the ingredient list! Common Indian spices and herbs include turmericcoriander, cumin, black cardamom, green cardamom, ginger, asafetida, bay leaves, fenugreek, chile powder, and many more. This has led to a wonderfully colorful and deeply flavorful cuisine. Also, the cuisine is heavily influenced on culture and religion. Meats of choice are chicken, lamb, or goat. It is also a vegetarian-friendly cuisine, using lentils, beans, rice, and paneer.