We saw the first flakes of snow outside the shop windows this week. We're not ready for winter, (where are our winter boots?!) but, our pantries are warming up to the idea of slow and low cooking, holiday baking and cozy snow day drinks. Here are a few of our must have items for winter warm ups. 


Black Truffle Sea Salt

Grab it for that quick umami hit and keep going back for that everything-tastes-better-with-truffle reality. We love Black Truffle Sea Salt on popcorn, pan fired chicken and mac + cheese.


Lemon Verbena Honey

Sore throats are a thing of the past with this flavorful, rich honey in tea. Or try it on ricotta toast with Posy Sea Salt for a floral start to your morning routine. 


Drinking Chocolates


Vegan, Sugar free, gluten free and packed with fun these drinking chocolate bases can be enjoyed with the milk of your choice and sweetened with whatever you like. We love guilt free decadence!


Cinnamon Sticks


Must have! Use them as stirrers and  straws, add a few to your Mulled Wine – whatever you’re up to this winter, Cinnamon Sticks will be used.


Masla Chai

Season lamb chops or add a dash French Toast – this blend does it all. Looking to keep it classic? Pair with black tea or coffee for a winter warm up bursting with flavor.


Fish Stew Shakshuka Style

A family favorite that fills the house with savory aromatics. Not a fan of fish? Use the kit to make a traditional Shakshuka with eggs. Recipe Kits are a favorite ‘just because’ gift. Shop the full collection here.

What are you looking forward to cooking up this winter? SKORDO ingredients are designed to inspire, no matter how dreary the weather!

November 22, 2021

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