Our 207 Seasoned Salt is the perfect go-to to add a bit of flavor with little effort to some of your favorite snack foods. Who doesn't love only having to reach for one jar of flavor to elevate a simple dish? Here are a few of our favorite ways we've been using our new seasoned salt when it comes to a quick bite!

  • Toss on popcorn with a little butter or olive oil. Whether you prefer microwaveable popcorn or cooking your own on the stovetop, sprinkle some seasoned salt in the bag or pot after cooking with a little butter or olive oil! The combination of salt and a little sugar in this seasoned salt compliment each other and this snack food perfectly!

  • Add to your homemade guacamole or sprinkle on avocado toast! Use our seasoned salt in place of the salt your guacamole recipe uses to add a little depth with the flavors of ground mustard and celery seed.
  • Snacking on nachos or quesadillas often? Season ground beef, black beans, or rice with 207 Seasoned Salt and toss on your nachos or with cheese for a quick and flavorful snack!
  • If deviled eggs are your jam, season the yolk mixture with our seasoned salt or sprinkle a pinch on top of your deviled eggs before serving for quick and easy flare! With notes of paprika, mustard, and turmeric, what doesn’t add to the flavor of this party pleaser?

  • Sprinkle a bit on homemade french fries before tossing them in the oven! Hints of the paprika and mustard seed in our 207 Seasoned Salt are perfect partners for this classic.
  • Making your own hummus or have plain sitting in your fridge that you feel is missing something? Our seasoned salt has a little bit of everything to give flavor to this dip for veggies or chips.

  • Combine 207 Seasoned Salt with sour cream or Greek yogurt and let sit for an hour or two for a homemade dip for veggies or chips!
  • Mix seasoned salt in to plain breadcrumbs and use as coating for fried chicken or mushroom bites!
May 07, 2024

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