SKORDO Sets are packed with potential. Their fresh ingredients are bursting with flavors inspired by world cuisine or styles of cooking. Often gifted, these collections of four or nine ingredients are our go to for shaking up home cooking. Any time we’re in a kitchen rut, we turn to a SKORDO Set for a fun filled culinary adventure.

African Flavors

The aromatics in this collection are unmatched! Cardamom, coriander, cinnamon and cloves are key components of this four pack and we are big fans of those warm flavors all year round. Plus, each ingredient in the set is equally delicious on veggies and meat making it a great gift for foodie friends. 

Indian Curries

Love curries? This is the one for you. There’s a range of heat in this collection from mild Garam Masala to blow your socks off Vindaloo. If classic curries aren’t your style, this set’s blends are great staples for an empowered home kitchen. We like the Madras in chicken salads and the Rogan Josh is great as a rub on Lamb, Chicken or Beef.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This collection is full of great flavors, but what really makes it shine are the ingredient textures. Hazelnuts, sesame seeds, coarse ground pepper, lemon and orange zests, large grain sea salt and bold dried herbs come together to ensure each bite has a crunch. 

Around the (Salt-Free) World

A heart healthy tour of the world! Sign us up for this tasty excursion through the kitchens of Iran, France, Malaysia, Thailand, and Italy. Each blend stands out for its unique assortment of ingredients, but for me the star is Advieh. Lime zest and rose petals and nutmeg! It’s a great addition to rice or skin on chicken thighs.

Fresh Catch

Fans of seafood will come up with endless uses for this collection. Tuna, shrimp, white fish and salmon are all quickly covered. With the help of butter, the Gulf Seafood Seasoning and Lemon Herb easily pair with oysters, lobster and mussels. Pro tip: Try the Asian Sesame Tuna Rub, Maple Salmon Rub or Gulf Seafood Seasoning on corn on the cob.  

Explore all our sets and let us know your favorites!
February 24, 2021

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