Welcome to the inaugural edition of SKORDO Kitchen!  It’s the next big phase in our SKORDO story and we’re thrilled to share it with you.

When we opened SKORDO in 2016, we set out to empower you, the home cook, by…

  • Equipping you with the best ingredients and fun accessories
  • Educating on how to use these new flavors, and
  • Exciting you, the home cook, to experiment and cook new dishes.

From all the feedback we’ve received, this is working.  So now it’s time to broaden our reach and expand our community around you, our valued SKORDO customers.

SKORDO Kitchen will expose you to tips, tricks, and topics that will expand your thinking about how home cooks, from novice to foodie, can learn about all things cooking.  We plan to publish posts 3-5 times per month, with topics ranging from Cooking with Chiles, to Outdoor Table Setting, to Drying and Storing Herbs.  And naturally, we’ll be “all ears” as we get your suggestions for other topics that you’d like us to tackle.  This will be your blog and we intend to work hard to ensure we’re giving you the value you expect.

At SKORDO, we continue to believe our greatest strength is our community, both physically here in Maine and on-line with our virtual community.  We learn something new from you every day.  SKORDO Kitchen will allow us to share what we learn and have fun doing it!

So thank you again for being a part of the SKORDO family…and get ready for lots of fun as SKORDO Kitchen unfolds.

Happy Cooking,

John Karonis



April 30, 2020

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