Floral and fragrant and salty and sweet!

Product development is one of our favorite things. Our floral infused sugar and salt were dreamed up nearly a year ago. It’s taken us time to find the right ingredients, strike a balance with the bold flavors and test variants in our kitchens. We couldn’t be prouder of the end results.

Posy: noun - a small bunch of flowers. 


Posy Sugar

Vanilla Bean Sugar, Hibiscus, Rosebuds, Lavender
Let it sparkle on the foam of a latte or sprinkle on top of French Toast

Posy Sea Salt

Sea Salt, Hibiscus, Rosebuds, Lavender
Try it scattered across a lamb roast or dressing up an avocado toast


Hibiscus, Rosebuds and French Lavender

Hibiscus is known for citrus notes that pair beautifully with bold aromatics like Star Anise and Cinnamon. Rosebuds and French Lavender are bursting florals that hold their own in complex blends like Herbes de Provence and Advieh. Bringing the blooms together and planting them in sea salt or Vanilla Bean Sugar showcases the subtle beauty of each flower. The end result is two fresh ingredients that are endlessly versatile and eye catching. 



January 31, 2021

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