This time last year I flipped on Netflix clicked on Ugly Delicious and watched Dave Chang and Chrissy Teigen meander through the markets of Marrakech. Within the month we’d booked flights and scheduled a meet for our own Moroccan adventure. Dad and Penny would fly down from London and we’d meet for four days in Marrakech then Eric and I would head to the coast for a few days of surfing and we’d round out the trip in the Sahara. Turns out the actual schedule was a bit modified due to head colds and belly aches, but we still managed to hit the city, the beach and the desert. Along the way we ate great food and I fell hard for the colors and flavors of Morocco. 


We stayed in a riad steps away from the cities central medina. The streets were bustling with vendors, visitors and vibrant displays of spices, fruits, candies, shoes, ceramics, textiles, and so much more! We spent ours days wandering the market (doing our best not to get lost!) and absorbing the pace of the city - buzzing with commerce at street level and serene on the rooftops.  


Seafood tagines and surfing were the cornerstones of our time at the coast. Taghazout is a well known surfing destination for European tourists. Eric spent his days in the water and I got to know the local fishermen and market owners. Watching the fishermen land their catch from the comfort of our AirBnB deck made for pretty ideal sea-to-table dining. 

Inara Camp 

This was a bit of a detour. We were meant to be in the Sahara for the end of the trip, but in a last minute shake up shifted to a desert camp closer to the airport. Best decision! The food at Inara Camp was a highlight of the trip. Women from the local Berber community would arrive early in the morning to prep the day's food. By 11am the camp was filled with the aroma of slowly roasting meats, cardamom, cloves and paprika. 

October 04, 2020

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