This started out as an experiment. We had sweet cider in the fridge, an unopened bottle of Makers Mark in the bar and a SKORDO Mulling Kit in the pantry. The cocktail pretty much made its self. 

I use mulling spices year round for pickling and teas. This was my first time using them to infuse alcohol and the end result was spicy, warm and bolder than a standard mulling. The whiskey picked up the best elements of the star anise, allspice and cinnamon sticks.

Because this was a weeknight test, I didn't let the whiskey and mulling spices sit for as long as I would have liked. Next time I'll let the whisky and spices infuse for a minimum of two hours. My infusion equipment was basic: Two small mason jars and the muslin bag from the mulling kit. 

Makes two drinks



Pour the whiskey into a glass container with a lid. Put the mulling ingredients in the provided muslin bag and submerge in the whiskey. Let rest for 1 - 3 hours. 

Add the maple syrup, orange juice, apple cider and infused whiskey to a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously! I made mine with a cube in the glass, but these would also be great shaken with ice and served neat. Pour into a waiting glass and garnish with orange and cinnamon. 


November 07, 2020

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