Traditional Orleans Mustard


In this fine mustard, the mustard seeds soaked in Martin Pouret wine vinegar are crushed with a stone wheel to obtain a fine, creamy and delicious texture. It is characterized by a strong yet delicate taste, a fine and smooth texture and a truly unique color. It can be eaten on the edge of the plate with meat and fish, but it is also ideal to accompany and spice up your sauces. At the bottom of savory tarts, its full-bodied aromas will awaken the taste buds of the finest gourmets.  Using a selection of mustard seeds, Guérande salt and Orléans vinegars, this stone-ground mustard encompasses subtlety, taste and finesse.

Martin Pouret
The Pouret house was created in 1797 in Orléans. Its Orléans mustard, made according to a local recipe dating back to 1580 and updated by Jean Martin, master vinegar maker (6th generation of the founder) and Alain Passard, chef (3 Michelin stars), is based on the ancestral and traditional production method. 
Ingredients: Orleans mustard (vinegar, Loire Valley mustard seeds, water, Guérande salt, turmeric, natural flavors, acidifying agent: citric acid, preservative: potassium disulphite).