The NoMad Cocktail Book


Made for the adventurous home bartender, this is essentially the book behind the bar at The NoMad. Leo Robitschek, bar director, created this comprehensive guide containing over 200 recipes that also explains how to minimize waste with cocktails, how to choose proper sweeteners, and provides a service manual that explains the art of drink-making. The pencil sketched illustrations are only the start of the detail and creative notes throughout. 

When Daniel Humm and Will Guidara joined the team at Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad, they were determined to elevate the experience of their dining room, and gave Leo Robitschek the push to create a cocktail program that challenged the rigorous standards of a top-tier fine dining restaurant. He went on to make drinks that were more than just an afterthought. Will Guidara describes author Leo as a Manhattan; simple, straightforward, and perfectly crafted. He goes onto explain that Leo's recipe tasting sessions rank as legendary, he gathers team members periodically to taste his ever-developing cocktails while frantically debating, re-testing, and capturing every detail on his laptop. We appreciate hearing these intimate memories, as it makes flipping through the book that much more momentous.