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Celebrated chef Germán Lucarelli of Kennebunkport, Maine restaurant The Lost Fire has blown us away with his new cookbook.

"Bold, Beautiful, and Brilliant, from a Master of his Craft" - Stanley Tucci

"In this magnificent book, my great friend Germán provides a thorough lesson in the art of grilling. This is a priceless book, one that will provide the reader with moments of great happiness" - Chef Martín Berastegui, Awarded 12 Michelin Stars

Explore the full range of Patagonian open-flame cooking with these mouthwatering recipes that utilize regional authenticity and modern flair. 
The Lost Fire Cookbook is a celebration of Argentina’s famous barbecued meats. Learn how to bring smoky, hearty, authentic Patagonian barbecue to your own kitchen and embrace a new culinary experience with this collection of meat-centric recipes from celebrated chef and restaurateur Germán Lucarelli.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Over 75 bold recipes that take advantage of wood-fired flavor.
  • Insight into proper grilling techniques and how to grill specific cuts of meat.
  • Tips on building a fire, and why cooking over fire is important to Patagonian culture.

Our favorite recipes from the book include:

  • Fries Provenzal
  • Flatiron Chicken
  • Empanadas
  • My Father's Chimichurri
  • Burrata Salad with Beets & Peppers

This cookbook captures the spirit of this cuisine and provides a look into the diverse approaches and influences that shaped Argentine tradition. Explore Patagonia’s specialities and the rustic flavors that live-fire cooking has to offer. Embrace the rich traditions of this region’s specialties with 
The Lost Fire Cookbook.

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