Taste of the Middle East


Create a taste of the Middle East right in your own kitchen with this set of classic Middle Eastern flavors. We've included Baharat, a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, it means "spice" in Arabic. Israeli Za'atar is a simple yet delicious blend of sesame seeds, sumac, thyme, and sea salt. Syrian Za'atar, unlike it's Israeli counterpart, contains cumin and paprika. Sprinkle it over hummus or use it as an all-purpose condiment blend in Middle Eastern style cooking. Aleppo pepper flakes are used extensively in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, they are common in baba ghanoush, hummus, and tomato based stews. 

Set includes 1/4 cup jars of: Isreali Za'atar, Baharat, Syrian Za'atar, Aleppo Pepper Flakes