Tara Kitchen Sauces Preserved Lemons



Preserved lemons are lemons 2.0. They add an intense, concentrated lemon flavor to the dish without the sour tartness. The preserving process brings down the tartness while accentuating the lemon flavor. Common in North African cuisine, they've earned a spot in more and more American kitchens because of their ease of use and delicious 'secret ingredient' quality.

Thinly slice, dice or mince the entire preserved lemon and add it to hundreds and hundreds of dishes to impart lemon essence, slight acidity, major umami, and saltiness.

We love them blended into homemade hummus, infused into soups and pastas, roasted with fingerling potatoes, and mixed into legumes and salads.

About Tara Kitchen Sauces:

Based in NY, small batch, chef owned and inspired. Chef Aneesa Waheed put her stamp on Moroccan food when she fell in love with Moroccan cuisine during a life-changing trip to Marrakech. Her mastery of sweet and savory flavors and inventive take on Moroccan cuisine has brought her considerable acclaim.