Sea Basket


As Mainers, we had to include this one for our seafood lovers (and friends of seafood lovers) across the country. "Fresh Fish" offers a guide to all your seafood questions. How do I properly shuck oysters? What about poaching a fish? Your friend will feel confident with this guide by their side. No need to wait for that trip to the beach for your favorite seafood dish when you can make it at home. Seasoning your seafood is easy with our three seafood seasonings included: our hand-blended Chesapeake Bay Seasoning, Gulf Seafood Seasoning, and Asian Sesame Tuna Rub. We've also included innovative fish tongs to maneuver even the flakiest fish. And, of course, we had to sneak a lobster in there somewhere. Featuring the bright and beautiful orange lobster on a soft tea towel.