Runamok Maple Smoked Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer



The Runamok Smoked Old Fashioned has warmth and sophistication. Created in Vermont with Pecan Wood Smoked Maple and real orange essence for a new twist that will redefine the Old Fashioned. Maple syrup and whiskey are perfect compliments to each other, both offering complex flavor profiles that bring out the best of each other. With just a hint of smokiness, it is the perfect drink to enjoy sitting near a fire with friends.

Runamok Maple, a company who excels in sustainability and social responsibility, has been creating cocktails with their infused and smoked syrups since the beginning, enjoying them so throughly that they've developed these elixirs to inspire you to do the same in your home. After processing, the post infused ingredients are passed along to other food and beverage producers to help reduce food waste. 

250 mL

Certified Organic