Ottolenghi Flavor



Full of low-effort, high-impact dishes, Ottolenghi Flavor reveals how to amplify natural flavors and teaches relaxed chefs how to bring the best out of their ingredients. By utilizing techniques such as Char, Browning, Infusing, and Aging; you create a depth of flavor that can never be replicated through seasoning. So many cookbooks simply tell you how to do something, we appreciate that this one explains why. 

Yotam Otttolenghi is a seven-time New York Times bestselling cookbook author who co-owns an eponymous group of restaurants and the fine-dining destinations Nopi and Rovi. In this book he teamed up with Ixta Belfrage, who's been working with him for the past 4 years since her start at Nopi, to create this collection of innovative plant-based recipes.