Concrete Stackable Cellar


Port Living Co. is based right outside of Portland and known for their hand made, one of a kind cement products. Composed of an advanced cementitious mix which uses extremely small particulate, recycled granite and marble dust, all of their products are known for their durability and incredibly strong and smooth surface.

This Stacking Cellar Set includes two stacking cellars that each have a 6 fl oz capacity. Integrated cork gaskets seal both containers while providing a non scratch surface for your table top. At home on your countertop or as elegant table service, this stacking set will only become more beautiful with time as it develops a warm and organic patina as it ages. We also find it is a great space saver for smaller kitchen!  

The white cellar stacks on top of the gray cellar and comes along with a lifetime guarantee.  

Dimensions: 3.75" H by 4" Dia. 

Crafted by hand in U.S.A. with eco-friendly concrete