Healing Spices


Spices add flavor to any dish, but what many people don't know is they can also add years onto your life! Often prescribed by doctors, Turmeric is believed to prevent Alzheimer's, type-2 diabetes, arthritis and pancreatic disorders. Ancho Chile Powder can stimulate your heart, blood circulation and metabolism, and even help with minor muscle or joint pain. Galangal aids digestion and can relieve nausea, stomach aches and sea-sickness. Nigella Seeds are known to treat hay-feaver, asthma and eczema, and improve lung function and lower blood pressure.

Pair this set with one of our favorite books, Healing Spices, to learn even more about these ingredients or to complete the perfect gift for a friend. 

Set contains 1/4 cup jars of Turmeric, Ancho Chile Powder, GalangalNigella Seeds