Take a trip to Greece with our four jar spice set! Use these blends and salt to add a Mediterranean flair to lamb, chicken, fish, or vegetables... The recipe to make our family's Tzatziki dip is on the back of the Tzatziki jar. While the dip is delicious, try the dry Tzatziki spice blend on grilled chicken to add to a Greek Salad too. It's a great poultry rub. Try the Greek Lamb Rub in lamb burgers. The Cyprus Flaked Salt is made up of crunchy prisms of salt from the special island country near Greece. And if you are anything like us, you will run through your Greek Seasoning rather quickly... we use it on just about everything.

Set contains 1/4 cup jars of: Greek Seasoning, Tzatziki Spice Blend, Cyprus Flaked Salt, Greek Lamb Rub