Dill Dip Kit


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Use this Dill Dip mix to make a delicious dip for everything from potato chips to fresh vegetables to pieces of rye bread. It’s also delicious topped on salmon burgers or roasted red skin potatoes. Enjoy a delicious recipe for a Mediterranean Grain Bowl on the recipe card as well, it features the dill dip as the topping!

Package contents: Four pre-measured packets of dip mix. Each makes one cup of prepared dip.

Ingredients: Roasted Onion Flakes, Dill Weed, Parsley, Garlic Sea Salt 

Each kit comes complete with pre-portioned dip mix packets, the dip recipe and an additional non-dip recipe that uses the dip mix.Tip: All kraft ingredient packets are 100% compostable and biodegradable once the packet label is removed!