Crocus Tea Towel


We love these botanical flour sack towels. Whether you call them tea towels, kitchen towels or dish towels, these flour sack towels are decorative yet extremely practical. They are very absorbent and will be a lovely addition to your cooking space.

'Colchicum autumnale' is a beautiful purple and sometimes yellow flower that derives from the Greek word Krokos meaning 'saffron'. This beautiful flower creates the most expensive spice in the world today. Egyptians, Greeks, and Minoans of Crete women were depicted on saffron died cloth wearing the flowers in their hair. They used saffron-based cosmetics and used it to dye their hair. They can be grown in the warmer regions of California, but are originally from Europe and Asia.

- Care: Washing before first use is recommended. Launder towels frequently in warm water, tumble dry or air dry, iron if desired. If possible, avoid using fabric softener – it clogs the fibers and reduces the absorbency of the towel.

- 100% Cotton

- Measures approximately 22" x 38"