Cinnamon Sugar

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Our cinnamon sugar has just two ingredients: Korjintie Cinnamon and organic, hand-grown natural sugar cane. Sprinkle it on apple pie crust before baking or over coffee cake right before serving for a warm, sweet flavor. We also love to dust it over fresh apple slices for a healthy afternoon snack. If you are a fan of savory dishes, use it to top Indian spiced basmati rice or add it to your tandoori chicken recipe. If you are a coffee drinker, we suggest stirring a little cinnamon sugar into your latte or mocha for a nice twist on flavor.
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Ingredients: Korjintie Cinnamon, Sugar Cane

Gluten-Free. Additive-Free. Salt-Free. Vegan.

Country of Origin: USA

Net Wt.: 2.4 oz. (1/4 cup jar), 4.7 oz. (1/2 cup jar), 6.0 oz. (polybag), 12.0 oz. (large polybag)