Concrete Wine & Utensil Holder - Gray


Port Living Co. is known for their hand made, one of a kind cement products. Composed of an advanced cementitious mix which uses extremely small particulate, recycled granite and marble dust, all of their products are known for their durability and incredibly strong and smooth surface.

Use the charcoal holder for either cooking utensils or a bottle of wine at the dinner table. When it come to utenstils, we love to pair the holder with several wooden spoons for a nice play on texture and color. As for wine, it has superior thermal qualities that will keep your white wine chilled.

Each holder also has a cork bottom so you don't have to worry about scratching your countertops or dinner table and has a lifetime guarantee. 

Also available in white 

Dimensions: 4.75" Dia. 6.75" H

Crafted by hand in U.S.A. with eco-friendly concrete