Terrafirma Ceramics - Citrus Braid Bowl


Fresh green and ivory hues truly pop in the braided pattern of this bowl. Nicely suited to serve everything from large dinner salads to Penne pasta, it may never leave your kitchen. We usually pair it with the Citrus Taj Low Bowl, which makes for a beautiful and unique table setting. 

Dimensions: 11.5” dia, 3” H

Care: Dishwasher safe.

Terrafirma Ceramics a small pottery studio in the heart of New York City. Ellen Evans, the founding artist who still signs the bottom of each piece of art, has focused her designs on a balance of beauty and function. Patterns are created by painting through textiles and lace using liquid porcelain to produce a distinctive “one of a kind” result. The base of matte, natural stoneware juxtaposed with vibrantly colored and patterned high-gloss porcelain surfaces achieves a casual yet sophisticated look that enriches the presentation of food while still being an elegant statement in itself.