Allagash - The Cookbook

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It will come as no surprise that Allagash Brewing Company, a staple here in Maine, has gained a reputation for it's high quality brews with a nuanced structural complexity and flavor, but also for being uniquely suited to pairing with fine food. This seminal cookbook offers home chefs an unparalleled opportunity to work with recipes designed for ten of Allagash’s most celebrated creations. 

With award-winning dishes created for these beers over the years, chef James Simpkins has created a culinary tour of the United States, showing off the versatility and wide gastronomic range of each beer. Venison Tenderloin with Spiced Cranberry Relish (with Interlude); Slow-Roast Duck with Blackberry Gastrique (Coolship); and Chicken Plantain Roulades (Tripel).

Use the Allagash Cookbook for your Fall dinner party, or give a great gift to the beer lover who already has everything.