Many of you, our SKORDO community, have expressed your desire to learn about global cuisines, unique ingredients, and new techniques. We often reference our favorite cookbooks to educate ourselves further and wish we had even more access to the inspiration offered within our incredible community of home cooks… to experiment with, to all gain insight from the incredible authors behind the best cookbooks out there with, and to share food stories along the way. 
With that in mind in mind, we had an idea: to start SKORDO Cooks, our new virtual cookbook club.  Whether you want to begin to explore the world of home cooking as a novice and aren’t sure where to start or you are an avid home chef looking to dive into your next challenge, SKORDO Cooks will inspire and energize your at-home cooking adventures.
Today we all become SKORDO Cooks and we can’t wait to get in the kitchen with you!
1. Our digital Cookbook Club lives on the SKORDO Cooks Facebook Group. Join it here! By joining you’ll be a part of our SKORDO Cooks community and have access to the following perks:
• 100 Insider Points just for joining
• 10% off the Cookbook of the Month each month
• Converse with the Cookbook of the Month Author
• Participate in inspiring discussion with your commuity of SKORDO Cooks as we all cook from the book throughout the month
• Be invited to exclusive SKORDO Cooks Events
2. Get the book! You can purchase it here. Don’t forget to join the facebook group for your 10% off code or check it out in your local library
3. Share a recipe review on the SKORDO Cooks Facebook Group
4. Share a recipe review on Instagram and tag #SKORDOcooks